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4610 Devereaux Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19135
United States


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 8932
Philadelphia, PA 19135


Discipleship Groups

DISCIPLESHIP GROUPS enable us to practice our community's core values:

The Living and Active Word of God

Anointed Worship

Spirit-Led Prayer

Authentic Relationships

Kingdom Growth/Multiplication

Monday | 6pm in Wissinoming (YOuth, Grade 6-12)

jonerik santiago

Contact for more details.

Monday | 6pm in Mayfair

Dan and Rebekah McCurdy

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Tuesday | 6:30pm in mayfair

Jim and kendra rudd

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TUESDAY | 7pm in Wissinoming

Scott and Mhei Newcomer

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thursday | 10am in wissinoming

jonerik and emily santiago

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thursday | 7pm in wissinoming

andrew and cara gordon

dorian james

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friday | 7pm in wissinoming

glen and sharon miller

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