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4610 Devereaux Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19135
United States


Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 8932
Philadelphia, PA 19135


Vision and Values

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At True Vine, our vision is to Make Disciples that Sustain Revival.  We base that vision on several convictions:

Make Disciples...

  • There is no New Testament command to grow a local church, there is only a command to make Disciples.  (Matt. 28.19-20).
  • Disciples of Jesus must think like Jesus thought and feel what Jesus felt in order to effectively do what Jesus did.

Sustain Revival…

  • Mankind cannot start revival, but mankind can end revival.  We don't want to end revival, we want to sustain it.
  • We define Revival as: Spiritual Renewal that Leads to Social Change.

The Following Strategies will be employed in order to Make Disciples that Sustain Revival:

Be Filled with the Holy Spirit
The Apostle Paul instructed the church in Ephesus to “continually be being filled with the Holy Spirit” in Ephesians 5.18.  We believe that being filled with the Holy Spirit happens in both specific moments in time as well as progressively over time.  We want to preserve an awareness of our need for the Holy Spirit’s empowerment in our lives.  

Value the Manifest Presence of God
Moses identified the Manifest Presence of God as the distinguishing mark of the people of God in Exodus 33.16.  Moses would not go forward unless God’s Manifest Presence accompanied him.  He viewed God’s Manifest Presence as evidence of God’s pleasure and blessing.  We share these convictions.

Grow in Spiritual Formation
Jesus taught His disciples to live in sustained revival by abiding or remaining in Him in John 15.  We believe that spiritual formation practices such as Bible study, prayer, worship, fasting, giving, journaling and more can build a lifestyle of abiding in Christ.  

Pursue Emotional Health
The Apostle Paul told the church in Rome that the Kingdom of God is a matter of “righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Rom. 14.17).  In the sermon on the mount Jesus taught His disciples about grieving and forgiving as some of the primary means of achieving emotional health.  A significant amount of spiritual growth can be forfeited through emotional dysfunction, but we can sustain spiritual growth through emotional health.  

Live in Community
Jesus referred to his Disciples as his family and never sent them out alone.  The early church lived in a tight-knit interconnected community.  Many of the commands of Jesus are impossible to fulfill in isolation.  By viewing the church as a spiritual family we build relationships that sustain a vibrant spiritual life.  



The Living and Active Word of God
By this we mean more than a book.  We mean a living and active document that will confront, challenge and apply to our lives.  We believe that the Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit and continues to be illuminated by the Holy Spirit.  Because it is God's primary way of communicating with us, it will serve as our functional authority regarding what we believe and how we live. (Heb. 4.12, 2 Tim. 3.16, 2 Peter 1.20-21)

Spirit-led Prayer
Through this practice we will seek our leading and direction from God.  We will gain strategy, philosophy, wisdom and insight as well as experience breakthroughs in prayer.  This will be our primary way of making our needs known to God. (Acts 1.12-14, Matt. 7.7-12, Matt. 14.23)

Anointed Worship
We view worship as a lifestyle and seek to lead others into worshipful lifestyles.  We aspire for our worship to be anointed and led by the Holy Spirit and to be a significant way to encounter the Presence of God, accomplish unity, gain clarity and experience breakthrough.  (John 4.23-24, Exodus 34.14)

Authentic Relationships
We honor relationships and believe that they are the primary means of influencing and impacting people.  Through committed friendships, marriages, families, mentoring, service and other kinds of relationships we will not only be able to minister to our community, we will be able to learn about our community from those with whom we are in relationship.  (Matt. 10.1-15, Acts 4.32-37, Acts 17)

Kingdom Growth
We understand Kingdom Growth to be the increase of God’s rule and reign in our community.  This takes place through new people coming to Christ, the sick being healed, the demonized being set free, families being restored, new churches being established, new workers being sent out and disciples being equipped for ministry.